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Martin Sharp - Public Speaker

One of the reasons I love speaking is that it can reach more people. IT Leadership is not taught to Engineers, Project Managers, Enterprise Architects or indeed at any level, so most, whilst very skilled at their area of expertise, have no idea how to lead or contribute to the success of a business. I feel it is so important for all members of IT to learn this aspect, but equally that it doesn’t have to cost them a fortune!

I am passionate about the subject of IT Leadership, particularly for business owners and those in the IT profession, as such I run events and workshops across the UK to share the Expert Transformation Accelerator. I also run an online training program and have a YouTube Channel where I regularly post videos and share content and training on being the IT Leader, teaching how to improve their interactions with others, decreases the stresses of the role and fill their portfolio with success after success.

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Sharp Authorities


Martin Sharp - AUTHOR

Why did I write my first Book?

Digital Transformation: I wanted to share what I had learned about delivering successful solutions that drive business’s forwards to greater success and improve the lives of those working in them and realised that writing a book was perhaps the best option. Along with my colleague, we identified the Significant 7 Imperatives for Delivering Successful Change in Complex IT Projects, that came up time and again in all our successes.

Having worked across a wide range of sectors from Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace companies, Universities, Councils, Motor and Drinks manufacturers, Airport operators, hospitals through to countless smaller businesses.

I have advised thousands of company IT users and improved the way they interact with their IT devices and consume IT services.

These include companies such as HSBC, ITV, Spire Healthcare, Kinstellar, Heathrow Airport, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, PAREXEL International, Manchester Airport Group, Edinburgh Airport, University College London, Close Brothers, HSBC, ING Bank, Global Collect, Platform Smart, Affini Technology and Comms-care.

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Sharp Authorities