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Are you looking to build a growing, profitable and sustainable business? Amazon Bestselling author and creator of the Growing Business Generator Martin Sharp takes you through the foundational 4 key skills that he has developed, beyond his technical expertise, that has provided success time and again in building his own, growing, profitable and sustainable businesses since 2009 and over 20 years delivering successful transformational change in other peoples companies.


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There was so much great information that went into the book, I just couldn’t fit it all in. So you are moments away from gaining access to the additional bonus content by clicking the button below and remember to bookmark it so you can return in the future.



  • What the UK business landscape is today and how to prosper in it.
  • How you can align those around you fulfil your business aspiration.
  • How to predict what will happens with your business.
  • A greater ability to make sure your message hits home every time.
  • Improve your success in winning new business. 
  • … and loads more!

Norik Koczarian and Marek Jazz – N M Mastery

We can’t speak highly enough about Martin Sharp!!! Not only a phenomenal human being but also a very talented coach and support to our passion. We have just completed our second coaching session and to find out that our new business framework is going ahead sparks an amazing feeling that what we committed to achieving is possible. We implemented what Martin told us from the first session and in December 2018 we held our last workshop of the year. Having a nearly half of the registered (paid) attendees cancelling last minute, we kept going and….we managed to pull 10x higher sale than last year at the same event without our framework and guided process.

Colin Luthardt – Director of Seco

Having a coach like Martin Sharp makes you stay the course and stay accountable to what you need to do.
Martin is great at giving detailed feedback and pushing the boundaries so that I developed further.
He is great at what he does and shares a wealth of experience that lets you grow!  Thank you!

Bilyana Georgieva – Business Transformation Expert

I spoke on the big stage of Retail Expo, London Olympia in front of 100 people, including standing up for the late arrivals. 80% of the audience did my Call to Action and 20% of them followed up with the additional action. Massive thanks to Martin Sharp for all your inputs, inspiration and support! You are simply amazing.

Martin Sharp is an International Business Transformer; Award-Winning, Speaker & Trainer; And the bestselling author of the award-winning book Digital Transformation. Delivering Successful Change in Business Environments.

Martin can give you, as the leader, owner, entrepreneur, manager or empowered change agent, power and confidence in maximising the potential of your business.

If you have ever given up on something technically complicated or felt that there must ‘be an easier way’, then you need to talk to Martin and hear him speak. He consistently brings clarity to the most complex issues. Navigating the complicated and ever-changing landscape, 

Martin’s pragmatic solutions deliver change and realise business benefit within every organisation, every time. Martin Sharp has worked in the corporate and entrepreneurial world since 1993 and in his own consulting firm since 2009, delivering transformational change to clients across a wide range of sectors from Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace companies, Universities, Councils, Motor and Drinks manufacturers, Airport operators and hospitals through to countless small businesses. 

Clients have described Martin as “Knowledgeable, personable, refreshing, unbiased, diligent, help!” and “A breath of fresh air in a world where complexity often seems to create as many challenges as it solves.” 

He is an enthusiastic leader, helping companies to structure their technology, removing the barriers so that technology becomes a business enabler, empowering communication & growth.

Helping you build growing, profitable and sustainable businesses.

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Yes Please Send me my FREE eBook

How will this book Beat The Statistics Help you?

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, manager or consultant who want to reach more people, further improve their business or those seeking to increase their skill set in running a business. Whether you are currently in business or seeking to set up a business or run someone else’s business then this book will help you identify the 9 key stills necessary to be able to survive and thrive.
Whether your business wants to work with corporates, other small businesses or work with the general public, it’s for you if you want to help people overcome a challenge in their personal lives. It’s for those who want to help customers in sales or marketing. For operations, delivery or fulfilment. For business services or support. 
It’s for you if success, quality service and profit is what you strive for. If you have passion, drive, energy and focus, yet are humble enough to learn from those who went before. After all, a knowledgeable person learns from their mistakes, a wise person learns from the mistakes of others and the foolish person repeats their mistakes. If this is you then within these pages, you’ll find 9 key skill areas to work on that have helped me build my businesses and assist in transforming the businesses of others. 
However, this is not for you if you are happy where you are right now and have no desire to change anything. If you feel you are already serving your clients and your organisation at the highest level and don’t want or need to improve anything. And you believe you have the right measures, systems and processes in place and don’t need to change anything. Or if you believe that you have all the skills you need and don’t need to learn anything new. Then this is not for you. 
This is for you if you want to be incredible and outstanding and build a business that can make you hundreds of thousands, if not millions. By doing what you do best – helping to solve the problems of your clients and delivering the great service. People with dreams and aspirations, people with an overriding mission and vision for what they want to do with their lives.
It’s for you if you recognise you are in the right place at the right time. If you want to leverage the information age, rather than wait to be a statistic.
While what you will read in this book is not a, “how-to guide”, it will give clear pointers into what skills to concentrate on to improve yourself and your business.

You Have A Tough Decision, Can You Make It?

Not sure you need to understand the skills of business? Outlined in this chapter are some of the many benefits of mastering the skills of running your business, illustrated by one of the many pivotal decisions that made Martins business a success.

Beyond The Basic Business

Looking to take your business further? Then these five skills are essential to making sure you have a business that will not see you doing all the early mornings and late nights. Mastery of these will provide scalability and sustainability.

Is This For Me?

Still not sure if you’ll benefit from the skills? Then this chapter provides a view of the characteristics of those who would massively benefit from identifying and improving their skills.

What Business Do You Aspire To Grow?

On any journey, it is important to know where you and where you want to be. If someone else has trodden the path before, that will also give you a great head start, they’ll know where the problems lie.

The Foundational Four

Of the 9 key skills, the first 4 provide a foundation for your business, that without them you may find yourself struggling to even win work in the first place. This chapter introduces and outlines the skills, along with their importance.

What Happens Now?

If you don’t take action, and you simply only consume this information and never implement the ideas, then nothing will change from where you are now. In this chapter we review the actions you’ve taken from the previous chapters.

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