Fit For Life

In this insightfull profesioanal online 12 week coaching program, Martin Sharp works along side you to become the best, healthiest & strongest version of yourself. During your initial consultation, we will analyse your goals along with the drivers and values behind them. Discover what may have tripped you up in the past and put in place measures so they won't stop you in the future. Uncover your deepest values and learn proven mindset techniques to keep you focused and on target. You will discover the 6 implementation guide used by Martin to neglect failure & get Fit For Life.

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Fit to Perform

In todays modern climate, performance is more important than ever, in life, in fitness & in business. You must create a version of yourself that is fit to preform to maximise your success. In this 12 week coaching programme, you will uncover the exact formula Martin utilizes to actively reach peak performance every day, that generates time, fitness & well bieng

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Fit For Business

Descover Martins latest Fitness plans, teaching you how to succeed in life & business. In here you'll discover how you could use personalised training routines & bespoke nutrition plans created by martin to help you  grow, thrive & survive to give you the energy to improve workflow within your business! This 12 week program could be the start of an incredible lifechanging transformation journey.

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Sharp Fit For Life Introduction

Would you agree that today, in this modern, digital, ever connected world, that we all live incredibly busy lives?

Maybe you are juggling the demands of a thriving, or potentially surviving, business, or a successful career, with the love and attention you want to give to your wonderful family. Meaning that you find you have little time left over for anything else.

Perhaps you also want to spend time with friends and helping those around you that need it or have assisted you in the past when you needed it. Leading to frustration or disappointment when you can’t be there for them.

Potentially that leaves you in a position where you don’t have your needs met. Whether those are your conscious desires or the unconscious necessities, the ones that your body has. Where one day you wake up and wonder what happened? Where did my body go? Why does it ache so much? What is that pain? Or, as I had, why is it so hard to get out of bed!

Yet how would it feel to gain the fitness, the health and the lifestyle that you are delighted with? Being able to wake up everyday knowing you’re physically at your best for whatever lies ahead.

What if you had the freedom and flexibility to fit in to your life what it takes to gain that fitness and lifestyle? Gaining that healthy body and mind that fits around your schedule.

Imagine what you could do with the extra energy and focus that comes with being physically fit and healthy. What areas of your life would benefit and what doors would open up to you?

Picture being able to spend your time fully present, enjoying activities and incredible experiences without your body holding you back. The freedom to choose and take advantage of what life brings up.

And here you have the ease that comes with knowing I’m doing the right things for my body and my life.

If you are a busy Entrepreneur, Consultant or Exec as I am, you are probably wondering “how can I achieve that in my incredibly busy life?”

Now, as many people started to ask me how I did this, looking back I realised there were just 6 areas that I needed to work on, that made me fit for life.

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Indulge yourself books written & Co written by Martin Sharp a multi award winning author.


Dauntless: Invisible to Invincible

Step out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

With 20 powerful and inspiring authors sharing their stories of going from feeling invisible to invincible, you'll be motivated and inspired to unleash your own potential and share your magic on a greater scale.

Each author shares their phenomenal journey and its impact on their businesses and life. They also provide practical and actionable tips to help you become more visible.

Whether you're a coach, entrepreneur, or simply looking to make a difference in the world, this book will provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need to get seen, get heard and create impact.

 Stories from around the world: Vol 2

Have you ever read a book and been shocked at the stories and lives that people have led?
If a page turner is your thing and you are keen to hear first-hand from the amazing men in this book, sharing their vulnerabilities, their challenges, trauma and triumphs, you won't want to put this book down.
Raw accounts of real-life stories that will move you to tears at times. Find out what martin has to say in this awesome book!





Are You Living A Busy Life?

If you are a busy business owner, entrepreneur, consultant or exec, then this book is for you… this easy-to-implement and proven six areas of focus is designed to help you obtain the body, health and fitness that you desire, and then keep it that way. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting, have tried and failed before or are looking to adapt your lifestyle to help achieve even more. Find out how...

Guide to a Healthier Lifestyle: Vol 1

This book is co-authored by knowledgeable and skilled health professionals and covers everything from tapping into your emotional health, holistic health, and connecting your past to your physical body along with much more. Hypnotherapists, Nutrition Experts, Personal Trainers, Health Consultants and Coaches share their experiences to make up this fantastic guide to reaching a healthier lifestyle.

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Just a reminder if you are looking to get yourself fit & healthy you can sign up to our 12 week fitness & lifestyle training program. This training program is aimed at euntrepouners like Martin who feel they do not have enough time to juggle there extreamly busy lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle, this could be your solution. Coached by fitness expert Martin Sharp.