Business Body Coaching

In this insightful professional online coaching program, Martin Sharp works alongside you to become the best, healthiest & strongest version of yourself. During your initial consultation, we will analyse your goals along with the drivers and values behind them. Discover what may have tripped you up in the past and put in place measures so they won't stop you in the future. Uncover your deepest values and learn proven mindset techniques to keep you focused and on target. You will discover the 6 implementation guides used by Martin to neglect failure and become Fit For Life.





Business Body Coaching


Top features

The Business Body Coaching package is the ultimate healthy lifestyle support package!

With this ultimate package you will receive the following:

  • Initial email/phone consultation process

  • Phone call Q&A once initial plans have been sent out

  • 12 week training plan – tailored to meet your needs regarding number of training sessions per week and your goals. Updated every 4 weeks to ensure progress is being made
  • Bespoke nutrition plan – tailored to meet your needs regarding likes and dislikes, goals and budget. Updated as and when required to ensure continuous progress is being made

  • Prioritised weekly accountability reviews to monitor progress and provide feedback

  • 12 Microsoft Teams Coaching Calls (1 per week)

  • Personalised video with each new training plan to explain the finer details

  • Anytime support from me via WhatsApp, Skype, email, messenger

  • Opportunity to train with me if we are in the same area!