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👉 Martin "WHY Fat to Fit, Fast & Forever" |👉Live⭐Love❤️Laugh🙃Lives 2020👈| With Cheryl Chapman

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Mo2vate Magazine

A Comedy of Errors Ends in Death by Martin Sharp

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The Press

York sculptor bids to create Eddie the Eagle out of 100 tonne pile of snow


TWO Yorkshire friends have set about the challenge of recreating Olympic legend Eddie the Eagle - out of a 100 tonne pile of snow.

Martin Sharp, 45, a business consultant and fitness coach from York.... 


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DogFriendly Magazine Issue 67

Martin Sharp, an award-winning coach and paddler, tells us everything there is to know about
this most pleasurable sport with your dog.

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Women & Home

Benefits of not drinking alcohol: Does giving up alcohol for a month actually work?


Whether you’re considering Sober October or just looking to change your booze habits, there are so many benefits of not drinking alcohol - from getting rid of post-wine anxiety to improving your long-term brain health. 


Martin Sharp was one of the experts contributing to this informative article

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Team HoneyVeda

Your body is constantly adapting to change: Martin Sharp

spoke to Martin Sharp, the founder of SHARP Fit and a business consultant, enterprise architect and strategic thinker. Martin combines the rare ability of relying on lots data and coming up with unusual insights.

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The Telegraph

'After I couldn’t fit on a rollercoaster, I went on to lose almost 10 stone'

From Midlife Fitness Files: The Telegraph’s health series, where we glean advice from midlifers as they talk us through their weekly regime

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