Martin's Online Podcasts & Videos

Martin's Online Podcasts & Videos

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The All-new SharpFit TV 



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Yorkshire Evening Post

Martin Sharp’s Wellbeing Journey:

How to have a healthy New Year and beyond

The feature was aired on Talk Leeds (formerly Leeds TV  -Freeview TV) and is now available on the Yorkshire Evening Post Facebook page -

and it is also on

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Snow Sculpture January 2023


BBC Sounds

Forget building a snowman - how about a snow sailing boat!

Fitness coach Martin Sharp on taking part in an International Snow Sculpture competition

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BBC Look North News

Jan 2023



Yorkshire pair to compete in Jan 2023 International Snow Sculpture Competition

While most personal trainers will be spending January helping their clients stick to their New Year’s Resolutions, Martin Sharp will be taking on a different kind of challenge. The York-based fitness coach and business consultant will be taking part in an international snow sculpture competition with Justin Scott, a tree surgeon and gardener from Driffield. The pair will be creating a snow boat called Unsinkable 2, which has been designed by Justin, an experienced and trained sculptor
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TEDx Talks

The TEDxAinleyTopWomen


At #TEDxAinleyTopWomen Business Consultant, Award Winning Speaker, Mentor and Best Selling Author Martin Sharp talks about “The Power of AND”, introducing a life of combination and how this changes lives and is the basis for great social change and businesses, which has happened for millennia. Today Martin’s business uses the power of AND to help others create growing, profitable and sustainable businesses. 

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How many times have you heard that a person is too busy to get fit? It is a common excuse many people make. Busy people have two fundamental problems when it comes to staying in shape.  They don’t have a lot of time, and they need to have information that can be turned into actionable results. Without these, they won’t be able to make the changes that actually work. Unfortunately, these people end up sacrificing their health and fitness and eventually suffer in all areas of their lives.

To share how he overcame this cycle, we invited Martin Sharp to the show. Martin has personally worked through this problem and identified six pillars that those trapped in a busy lifestyle need to apply to enact lasting change.  Martin is a multi-award winning international consultant and author who specializes in helping high achieving consultants, business owners, and entrepreneurs obtain their optimal fitness and lifestyle.

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The Advisor w/ Stacey Chillemi

Fat Loss, Overweight, Obesity What You Can Do To Lose The Extra Weight

Fat Loss Overweight Obesity What You Can Do To Lose The Extra Weight

Martin Sharp is a multi-award-winning international consultant, coach, speaker, and author who helps busy and overweight entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners obtain the fitness
and lifestyle that makes them happier, more confident, and more flexible to continue to be at their best.

Martin from York has been working in the corporate and the entrepreneurial world since 1993 and in his consulting firm since ... 

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The Survival to Triumph Show

Episode 2 'From Fat to Fit, Fast & Forever' With guest Martin Sharp

Join Martin and Laura' as they discuss the topic of an incredible weight loss journey. Martin Sharp shares his very own personal tale of survival to triumph and hopes to inspire others to change their lives.

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RippleFEST Summit September 2022

Watch this interview and training with The Fit for Business, Fit for Life coach, Martin Sharp on Do You Value Yourself Enough?, which we recorded during the September 2022 RippleFEST Summit.

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Live Love Laugh Lives

WHYs Words: Martin Sharp |👉Live⭐Love❤️Laugh🙃Lives 2020👈| in Conversation with Cheryl Chapman


👉 #WHYsWords brought to you by “The Find Your WHY! Foundation.” Meet Martin Sharp as he is interviewed by Cheryl Chapman The Visionary behind The Find Your WHY Foundation & Creator of The Live Love Laugh Lives and Author of The Amazon Best Seller WHYs WORDS Be Seen, Be Heard, Be YOU! 

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Living, Loving, Laughing And Talking To A Busy Man! 👨

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The Road to Rediscovery Podcast

Getting in Sharp-Shape, with Martin Sharp!

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Diamond Factor Experience Network

The Coaches Lounge with Barbara Beckley

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