Visualise a faultless business plan!

business digital leadership Apr 26, 2022

Where did all those great ideas come from?

You know, those ideas that other people have?

Or maybe the ones that you’re having right now?

Yet how do you go about making them a reality?

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In this article, we’re going to be thinking about how we make things happen inside your business. As human beings were amazing, we’ve got this fantastic imagination. And this imagination gives us this ability to see something that doesn’t yet exist in reality. And if you stop and think about that fact it is quite a powerful thing, because what we can do is we can take ideas that are maybe possible and could exist in the future. Then start to work out how we can make that idea come to life. Creating and building the “what if” and “how-to” scenarios around it.

And this kind of skill is fabulous and undoubtedly crucial when it comes down to how-to carry your business forward and how-to develop something new. But what are the tools that you can use to be able to help you make that thought into reality?

Now one of the critical tools you’ve got at your disposal is documenting your business plan. Because if you don’t apply a predetermined plan, and document things, then what you’re doing is you’re leaving things entirely up to chance, and you’re not exploring all the arts of the possible. Documenting those what-if scenarios is a way of being able to test things out before they get fulfilled in your business before they really cost you money or maybe cost you clients.

In sports, this is one of those critical areas where elite athletes are examining their performance from previous events and training and investing what information they’re gathered and applying it to what they are going to do next. They’re running through the course and their minds using this fantastic ability of imagination and thinking about how they are going to make their performance better and then they’re evaluating what they’re going to do to push and increase their boundaries. So when it comes down to the next level of practice, or the actual competition, they’re operating at their peak performance, not just physically but, emotionally and mentally, as everything is aligned to make that performance work.

And this can be the same for your business, and you can have that same kind of results by going through and documenting a business planning process. Now, it’s true to say that a plan is worthless, but the planning process is the essential part. The key is being able to go through those what-if scenarios and then trying things out of yourself. See which bits work, which bits don’t work because change is a costly process. It’s a risky process. It’s a thing that can make things go well or really poorly.

So practice as much as you can, try and make sure you have the best opportunities and creating the best possible way forward. Or are you just going to wing it and hope you can pull it across the line.