About Your Business – Elevator Pitch

business digital leadership Apr 03, 2022

Ever felt like you’re at a networking event and everyone is just trying to vomit in your ear. Only drivel emanates from those people, and you’ve got no idea what they’re saying? Well, it’s not going to be you. Right?

And today, we’re talking about the elevator pitch, or effectively, how we can tell people about our business and make it sound interesting.

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Because let’s face it, when we are at these type of events, we don’t want to hear about the fact that you set up your business in 1982 in the back of your mom’s garage, and you were running around the old Ford Fiesta for at least three months of the first year. Because this doesn’t help me as a client, understanding what you and your business can do for me does and at the end of the day is what it’s all about. It’s all about your clients. What is it you can do for these people?

So make this pitch fun, make it a bit more exciting? Stand out from the crowd. So, don’t be another one that makes noises in the background, because let’s face it, we have all been at some of these networking events, and you hear the same spiel over and over again, it isn’t that interesting. How many people can you remember from those networking events?

If you think about it, it’s the ones that captured your imagination in some way, shape, or form that made it relevant yo you. And it’s that simple. So what are easy ways to do this?

So first of all, if you want to build a little bit intrigued, you can do that by asking the precise question, something along the lines of:  “Have you ever been stuck in growing your business?” Now you got them thinking back to a previous time and if they have ever been in that situation or they may know somebody who’s in that situation. Now they’re be starting to relate to you or relate to the situation discussed. It may be that they’ve never been stuck with their business. All this thinking and possible reflection with the past will mean that they are more likely to come back to the question with an answer of yes or no.

So, when they say yes, that’s the opportunity to be able to respond to them giving a bit more information about what it is you can do for them and who your clients are? Or more importantly, what results they will achieve from working with you.

For example, you might say, “I help my clients become unstuck so that they can grow their own profitable, sustainable businesses”. This way is showing them how to move beyond the problem they currently have and be able to give them that great information without going over the top.

Your elevator pitch should be no more than about seven seconds long. It should be something that snappy and quickly captures the imagination. If people want to know more about your services or what you do, you can always have that further conversation later. Building that intrigue and keeping them focused is most important.

So are you going to make sure when you’re pitching your business with imagination and intrigue?

Or Are you going to be the one that’s just going to be so dull, boring and never remembered, that people wish they took the stairs to avoid?

As Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you just don’t know it well enough”.