Are You Using A Free Email Address for Professional Purposes?

business Jul 15, 2022

Do you use a free email service for your business address?

Let’s explore using a free email address for your business. I mean,  having a free email address has a lot of benefits, right? First of all, it doesn’t cost you anything.  It’s very easy to set up and you get how it works and you’ve probably been using it for years. All your contacts are in there.

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But have you ever actually considered the drawbacks? here are

There are several problems with using a free email address and we are going to concentrate on three big ones.

The first one is that with a free email address, it is not necessarily branding you in the right way.  When you use a url that you have purchased, which correctly identifies your business, you’re able to brand all of your emails as being from you.

Now, this is very powerful.  You are probably already think branding your letters or your car or whatever other vehicles you have to use in your business.  Your website has branding and your social media, and it should all match, so that you have an identity. So it’s important that your email represents your brand because this way people see that you take your business seriously.  They know that you’re not just here one day and gone the next.

Also, free email means anyone can get hold of one – including the spammers.  Free emails mean lots of junk mail for you.

And finally – because there is a lot more junk mail on free emails, many servers will pick up your emails as junk.  Deliverability is poor and getting poorer and companies increase their cybersecurity.  And that means that your important information that you’re trying to get across to your clients could potentially be missed because it’s been filtered out or deleted, meaning it never got to the intended recipient. So using a branded email address means that you can have a better guarantee that your message is going to get through.

With your own branded email you have the control over the security issues, as well as design and other features that may not be available in free versions. You’re then able to put things in place to make it work better.

So I’d like you to think about that when you’re looking at how your business works.

If you are still using a free email service, and you want to be taken seriously in your business – it’s time to change #[email protected]