Case Study: James

fitness & lifestyle Jul 15, 2022


James is a successful entrepreneur who has built a fruitful recurring 6 figure business. As an electrician no longer “on the tools”, he found his niche teaching electricians and trades, how to market and attract clients local to them. This suits his lifestyle, allowing him ample time with his family and in learning new skills in this fast moving area of business, around digital marketing.

After a significant shoulder injury put him out of action for training for over a year, James became concerned at his expanding waistline. He knew he had to make some changes in his life, as he became more and more sedentary. He didn’t want it to affect his time with friends, family or his business community of Toolboxers, his clients.

The problem was Personal Trainers were unable to assist or provide any meaningful help as he has no desire to bulk up or improve his strength.

He tried to diet, although found that cheat days those he wasn’t following the diet became any of those ending in Y, he was having more cheat days than normal days.

“And who really has time for the calorie counting demanded by the more popular diet programmes.” he’d exclaim Those quickly disappeared from his radar.


After talking with James, the thing was he needed more knowledge on making more healthy choices and how to incorporate these into his busy, yet satisfying, work & life. He needed to have the ability to get his questions answered to support his understanding and in making the healthy choices.

So James loaned his lifestyle improvements from his passion to support his community of clients and spend time actively with his family.


By helping James set clear outcomes and taking responsibility for his health and fitness, along with providing a custom exercise and meal plans, the path was set. I answered lots of questions to make sure he received the right information when he needed, not just the once per week as he’d previously had, to make sure that positive habits formed, and during his weekly check-ins we tracked his progress identifying areas of his life that were holding him back from achieving his desired outcome.

James has now scheduled time for himself and actively takes a brisk walk of more than 10,000 steps every day. And is no longer a stranger to the gym and is making the most of his membership.

He now knows when he is consuming foods that could affect his progress. And makes better choices for himself. Like, he no longer grabs the cans of Red Bull when at the service station or reaches for chocolate bars just because they are there. Helping him drop ½kg per week on average.

Although the change he is most proud of it that he is feeling much happier, healthier and hunkier.