Case study: Matt

fitness & lifestyle Jul 15, 2022


Matt was increasingly aware of his expanding waist line and lack of energy, which was affecting all areas of his life. A successful entrepreneur for over 12 years since leaving the armed forces, he was dismayed by what he saw was available for supporting service personnel transitioning to civvy street. He set himself a life goal to start to help share some of the positive stories and well-trodden pathways that many ex-service people had used. 

The thing was, just like his fitness he wasn’t doing anything about it.


When I met Matt, he didn’t know where to start.

After talking through his aspiration for what he had in mind, it was clear that more structure and accountability was needed to achieve his goal and along with more energy and focus.

All of which were skills that he had while in the army and that he used with his clients in his business, yet with the pressure of business was no longer applying to his own life.


After planning out what was necessary and scheduling in the time, it wasn’t long before Matt was finding the increase in movement through exercise and dog walking gave him space to think and formulate the content for his book.

Through feedback in weekly online discussion sessions and his own reflective work in the weekly check-in, Matt not only got clear direction on how he could continue to improve his health, fitness and life goal, he was also starting to recognise patterns and finding changes he needed to make for himself.

Utilising the easy to follow nutrition and exercise reference, he found that even while working away from home, he was able to adapt his training and meals so that he continued to improve week on week.

He picked up his passion for running again and with that the momentum was set for further success.

Realising there were other aspects of his life he was unhappy with, we continued to work on on his nutrition. Now he has been dry since 2019 after, stopping drinking alcohol and benefiting from the health and financial benefits.

Matt has also achieved one of his life goals and is now a published author of his own book Worlds Apart – Understand your past, navigate your future and supports a growing community of ex-military personnel transitioning to civilian life, alongside his existing business and still improving his health and fitness daily.