Delay, Denial, Distraction and Doubt…

fitness & lifestyle sharpfitforlife Jul 15, 2022

Are you feeling like your weight loss, health or fitness journey is going nowhere?

I know how you feel. I spent 5 years with trial and error, trying to find a way to reduce the weight from my bulging frame.

“Eat less and move more!” they said.

“Try Weightwatchers, the Atkins diet or volumetrics.” came other advice.

Another comment was “You never see an overweight vegan!”

“Have you tried going to the gym and getting a personal trainer” my doctor advised.

And yep I’d tried the lot and a whole load more. The thing was nothing could marry my commitment to my family, friends and clients. So whatever I started with the best intentions, would only slide. Slipping away like any hope that there could be a solution.

Yet it impacted so many things, leaving me with no energy to play with my kids. Getting in the way of being close to my wonderful wife. And restricting the activities I could enjoy with my friends.

No matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. Yet as the maxim says “for every problem there is a solution”.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein