Fit to Fast, Fast and Forever

fitness & lifestyle Jul 15, 2022

I went from Fat to Fit, Fast and Forever.  And I have been lucky to be able to share the experience at ☞ #WHYsWords |Live Love Laugh Lives 2020| Watch it here at

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Meet Martin Sharp here at his presentation given at the very first |Live Love Laugh Lives 2020|

Cheryl Chapman brings WHYs Words = Freedom Speakers, Sharing purposeful messages through authentic expression, imaginative excitement for these emerging transformative times.

Discover what The Live⭐Love❤️Laugh🙃Live – the latest in media offerings – has to offer you!

The LAUNCH of this brand new platform is .”WHY The Show Must Go On!” By Cheryl (Clown) Chapman, a presentation given at the very first  Event offering WHYsWords from Freedom Speakers.

Filmed in October 2020

#LiveLoveLaugh & #FindYourWHY! ☞  Learn how to be, do and have exactly what you really really want. #Purpose #Mission #InspirationalSpeaker