How to Get Organised and Manage Your Life

business Jul 15, 2022

Today I’m going to talk to you about your own personal management. About being your own professional management team.

So, what do I actually mean by personal management?  I mean making sure that you are organised. Knowing what you’re going to do, when you’re going to do it and you that you have a system to make it all happen, just like in business.

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What I frequently found when working with many different people – various mentees of mine, different organisations that I have worked with and for –  is that they all suffer from the same thing.  They don’t organise their time very well and they don’t create a process around this to keep themselves organised.

Now, this can create lots of problems, worries, and distraction. And when pointed out to them, lots of denial, ridicule and a resistance to change.  But it doesn’t need to be like that.  It’s so simple.  You just need a process by which you can manage your day to day life.

I have found there are a number of steps that can really help.  And when you build them into your life, you can manage yourself better and you can get a lot more done.

Would you agree that when you’re organised and you know where things are, it’s much easier to sit down and just get on with your work?   Without having to waste time finding things all the time?  That’s why you have a place where you keep your client records, your password info, your fire extinguishers, right?

Your personal management is just as important as your organisational management.  Most organisations spend a lot of money in building their processes to try and help build the organisation.  Trying to get a consistency across everybody who’s working with them and making sure that they get the answers that they need to the questions which they want to be answered.

So, you should do the same. Build this approach into your day-to-day working.  And recreate it in your personal life.  Have that personal management environment around you so that you know where everything is when you need to find it.

When you have this, it makes it much easier to know how you are going get through pieces of work.  You know that you’ve got consistency in your approach.  This way, you know that you can replicate what you’ve got and make things happen.

It’s a bit like going to Ikea.

You have probably been to Ikea before now and you’ve bought a unit, a bookcase, a wardrobe or something else flat packed that you have to make yourself?  Or you know someone who has.

Inside the box there is an instruction book which gives you step-by-step instructions of how you can put together that cabinet. Now you follow those instructions and you feel ok.  You manage to put it together.  There aren’t any missing pieces and you are happily bashing things into place and it all looks great at the end of it. (Even if there are 4 extra screws and you have no idea what they relate to!)

But now imagine that you have that same cabinet but you didn’t get any instructions.  How much longer will it take you to build the cabinet?  Will you still get the good result at the end of it?  And if you did get a good result, how would you know you could replicate it next time?

The same thing applies to your life.

You’ll probably find you do many of the same things all the time.  You probably read email, you may write blog articles, perhaps post things on Facebook, go shopping, buy clothes, you may go and help other people in your local community.  There are many things that you do regularly – whatever those things are for you.  And if you can understand what the process is around each one of these, it can help you glue a really effective life together.  You can then maximise your time to be able to get the best out of it.

Have you heard the old adage that if you don’t have vision for your life then you’re probably fitting into somebody else’s vision?  And that vision will not have the outcome that you are expecting.

That’s because the person with the vision got organised!  Is it time for you to organise your vision, and your life?