“If It’s Not In The Diary It Doesn’t Get Done”

business Jul 15, 2022

Hare you ever heard it said in life, that “if it’s not in the diary, it doesn’t get done?”

I’m going to share with you one of the most powerful tips I discovered, to make sure you can be productive and still take care of those unexpected problems that occur from time to time.

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OK so, you have a diary, you have a plan and you’re trying to work towards it.  So you put everything in the diary to try and make sure you achieve it.

So firstly you need to make sure things that are achievable.  Otherwise, they’ll become quite demoralising.  So how do I do this?

I work in a way that I schedule for 13 weeks but only plan for 12. This way no matter what happens you’ve got a little bit of time, where if something does go wrong, you can work with it. You can make things happen because let’s face it over the space of a year would you think at least maybe one, two, three or four things might not necessarily go your way or quite to plan?

And when things go wrong, you have to be a bit more reactive to make sure things happened. Now wouldn’t you prefer it that when those things do go wrong, you have a way that doesn’t actually de-schedule what you’re doing, and you don’t negatively impact the big change that you’re trying to make, either in your life or your work or in your own business?

So I challenge you to take this idea away and actually start to schedule for 13 weeks only plan actions for 12.

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