Who Are You Hanging Around With?

business Jul 15, 2022


Have you ever heard the saying that you are the sum of the people that you hang around with?  Jim Rohn said this and it makes a lot of sense.  When you have the right people around you, they help and challenge you which pushes your business forward.

And when you don’t then you might find yourself with the same problems and challenges coming up in your business repeatedly. And you never feel like you are moving forward.

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So who are the right people?

Well, they are advisers and colleagues who understand where you are right now in your business because they have been there and experienced the problems you are facing.  They are probably slightly further on in their business than you are.  They have already, and permanently, solved the problems you have.  This is because they are the type of person who doesn’t focus entirely on the process but thinks about things differently.

They tend to be a lot more creative in their thinking and will challenge you or question you about things that you wouldn’t necessarily think you need challenging on.

If you spend time with people that are always challenging you, always pushing you forwards and always striving for the best, then you will find that you naturally start to take on some of their traits. You’ll make these traits your own, and learn from their ‘been there done that’ experiences.  When the next set of problems or challenges that comes up – you will have some better questions to ask yourself.  And you will be able to move past those problems quickly, where you might have been stuck in the past.

Otherwise, you can find yourself stuck in a productivity cycle.  What I mean by this is – you are trying to perfect the process when you should be focusing on perfecting the outcome.

Focus On The Outcome Not The Process

Have you heard the story of when John F Kennedy visited NASA for the first time?  He talked to everyone and asked them what they did. The Janitor’s answer was awe inspiring.  He replied,  ‘I’m here to put a man on the moon’.  Now that’s powerful.  That’s someone focused on the outcome of what he was doing, not the process of cleaning.  He understood what he was there for – to help make the place and the team as good as possible so they could put a man on the moon.

Keeping your eye on the outcome is powerful and will help you get your business to where you want it to be.  So, surround yourself with those people – the ones who are focused on the outcome, who are creative and see things a different way. Find those gems in your peer group and in your network and it will help push your business forwards.

Or just keep doing what you’re doing, and watch while nothing changes!