You Are The Leader

business Jul 15, 2022
Do you want to be known as the leader who gets things done?

And do you not only want to be known as the leader who gets things done, but also as a leader that gets things done by not doing everything yourself?

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The reality is in the world today – being a ‘manager’ is not enough. There is less and less specific need to have somebody with a mandate to go and do something. People are more motivated by following those people that actually show good leadership skills. Leaders who are able to show how things should be done and do this with great ethical and moral intent.

So when it comes down to thinking about how you should be leading your team, your people, your tribe, or however you want to classify your collective of people who are helping you deliver the next major transformation or change in your life or your business, then you really have to think about seven key aspects of your working life. Because when you have these things nailed down and you understand how to do them, then you’re in a position where leadership comes quite easily. You’re able to show the kinds of characteristics that other people look up to and create an environment that other people want to actually be part of.
Here’s the thing ….many times I’ve heard other people talk about the fact that being a leader is about making rules and creating standards or being the disciplinarian. I don’t believe that’s true.

Of course, rules and structures are important. That is partially true for all organisations but it is not the full picture. The reality is for me is that being the leader is all around setting good goals and objectives. And not only that but making sure that your team have a way of being able to succeed. And that they know what it is about, know why it is important, and what is in it for them as well as the organisation.
It’s about being optimistic. It’s about taking the right route through things, it’s about clarity. And what I have found time and time again is that leaders who exhibit leadership qualities, rather than just ‘managing’, can achieve many things, that seem impossible to others. Their teams are more likely to ask for help and to get things done.

I mean you’ve all heard the old adage that to get something done you find a busy person right? Well, what they meant by that, in my opinion, is that busy leaders are able to pull the team together and therefore achieve far more than other people.

Now, are you going to try and work on your leadership skills?

Are you going to develop them and hone them so that you’re not the person who’s doing all the early mornings and all the late nights?

Are you going to make sure that your team can deliver and doesn’t just sit back and wait for things to happen (or for you to tell them what to do)?
Or are you just going to carry on doing what you always did and getting what you always got?

A wise man once said that “management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right thing!”

Do you want to be known as the leader who gets things done?