12 Week Online Coaching

The HyperSharp package is the ultimate healthy lifestyle support package!

You will receive the following:

Start right -

During your initial  consultation, we will analyse your goals along with the drivers and values behind them. Discover what may have tripped you up in the past and put in place measures so they won't stop you in the future. Uncover your deepest values and learn proven mindset techniques to keep you focused and on target.

Personalised training plan

Tailored exercise training plans that are fully customised to your goals, your experience, your ability, your time availability & the equipment you have access to, whether in the gym, or at home! Designed specially to meet your lifestyle regarding number of training sessions per week and your goals. Updated every 4 weeks to ensure progress is being made.

 As well as your plans, you will receive personalised videos taking you through every single part of your sessions, providing demonstrations, tips & pointers that will take your training to the next level!

Bespoke nutrition plan

You will also receive tailored nutrition plans that are completely bespoke to meet your needs, goals and budget that also includes your personal likes and dislikes, allergies and tolerances, as well as to work with your lifestyle. You nutrition plans will be updated as and when needed to ensure continuous progress is being made towards your goals.

Accelerated kick off -

Once you're initial plans have been constructed, we'll ensure you start right with an kick off call designed to go through the plan and answer any questions you may have before you start, plus it is a great opportunity to discuss hints, tips and provide other information that will really get you moving in the right direction fast.

Personal feedback -

Each week you will provide an update via email on how you have performed during the week in your exercise performance, personal measurements, feelings, events and anything else that has happened good and not so good. Where we will then provide you with the support, guidance, motivation and adjustments that you need. This proven combination of journaling, accountability and feedback provides power behind the changes you are making as well as monitoring your progress making changes alterations when necessary to ensure you continue to advance and not just to a schedule.

You can send in videos of you performing an exercise for an in depth analysis of your technique, guaranteeing you get the best return on the investment of your time while working out.

Each week you have the opportunity for a 1-2-1 personal review call over zoom, where we can go through the assessment of the week gone and any changes to make for the week ahead. Or if you prefer, we will send you a voice or video recording that you playback at your convenience, which ever suits your preference.

Plus as a Hyper Sharp client, you will receive priority on your replies, jumping the queue in responses.

Working together towards your goals -

You get unlimited support via email & WhatsApp – you can contact us directly whenever you have any questions, queries or comments, meaning you don't have to wait until your weekly review before getting answers to those all important in the moment thoughts that could be the difference between success and failure.

Also you have the opportunity to train together if we are in the same area!

We will work transparently together sharing a secure common workspace providing access to all your plans, information and feedback that only we will have entry to using the latest in cryptographic security and controls. Plus you can gain access anywhere on your laptop, mobile or tablet. So whether you preference is Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android you can access all your information with only an internet connection.

Peace of mind -

We are registered and approved members of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and we are proud to display their logos after rigorous assessment as testament to the values and standards we operate as.

We ensure our knowledge of current industry best practice and advances in science are fully up to date, maintaining continuous professional development with recognised qualifications in coaching, exercise, nutrition, mindset, mental health, performance, medical referrals, as well as exercise techniques.

We are responsible, and fully insured though the UK Coaching Insurance Scheme is on a combined liability basis and is for a £10m limit of indemnity.

We respect your privacy and discretion -

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our clients and will only share your achievements with your consent. We never sell or share your information and never store any credit card information in any way.

Additional -

You will also receive 6 implementation guide that will be good to refer to as we go through getting you started and also as you progress through your programme:

  • Intrinsic Intention Activator™
  • Natural Health Harmoniser™
  • Practical Movement Method™
  • Practical Movement Method™ exercise library
  • Propulsive Preparation Pathway™
  • Realistic Routine Regulator™


Plus handy reference sheets including:

  • The warm up routine Activate & Mobilize so you can get everything moving
  • The Green Veg Continuum a quick reference to what veg you can have lots of and which you should be careful with
  • The SharpFit Stretching routine so you can cool down, develop better muscle definition and reduce soreness before it happens.


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